New Hope Bridge Guard House

I was out and about in Lambertville today, getting supplies and meeting some very interesting people in the art world and I was inspired by an artist named John Reilly. I saw his work in the Canal Frame Shop in Washington’s Crossing. His work is so colorful, his brushwork so loose and free flowing and full of life. So I came home with a picture that I took today, feverish to paint it and painted like this:

It’s the New Hope Bridge Guard House – you can find it in the PLACES art gallery. Hope I did him justice. Of course I’m still ever so faithful to Vincent. 


New Hope Bridge Guard House

Barn Near The Carversville Inn

This is a painting I started a while ago and just finished today. I painted it en plein air style for the majority of the piece, then I finished and finessed it back at the studio. Wildflowers springing up and growing color the landscape and are juxtaposed by the more linear old barn. A stream of warm light coming in from the left dimensionalizes the piece and draws focus to the barn and the clouds. Look for this in ART GALLERIES in the FARM LANDSCAPES link.

Barn Near The Carversville Inn

Lambertville Gallery of Fine Art, Lambertville, NJ

I’ve just reworked a painting that I had done a while ago. It’s the Lambertville Gallery of Fine Art in Lambertville, NJ. The painting just wasn’t what I wanted it to be and it took me a while to figure out what it was that was bothering me about it. So I just made some changes, look at the difference for yourself and let me know if u think it was an improvement! This is the NEW one:

Lambertville Gallery of Fine Art, Lambertville, NJ

Here’s the OLD one: