Thank You

Thank you to everyone who leaves me comments. I read every single one. Your kind words are an inspiration to me and help to keep me going in the pursuit of my dream. 

My Mom once told me, “Once you lose your self in your work, you’ve found what you are meant to do.”

I believe this to be true. Everytime I pick up a paintbrush full of paint, I am transformed. It’s no longer just me, there’s somethiing else that takes over and exists and all space and time melts away. 

I absolutely can’t wait to paint tomorrow morning!


If u haven’t seem my recent interview, please click here:

Sit down, have a beer…


Interview with Jean Childs Buzgo by Lynne Goldman from Bucks County Taste

“Sit Down, Have a Beer…Interview with Jean Childs Buzgo”

This morning I was interviewed by Lynne Goldman. She is the creator and author and photographer of Bucks County Taste. She writes about food events and restaurants in the Bucks County area. She doesn’t usually do interviews, so I was thrilled when she asked to do an article on me about my artwork depicting local restaurants, farms, bars and beverages.


To see the interview/visual essay please go to:


Bucks County Taste: you may need to scroll to the article, “Sit Down, Have a Beer…”


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This is Havana Oudoor Bar at Night, New Hope, PA. You can find it in the Bars and Inns Gallery

Havana Bar at Night, New Hope, PA

RIver Horse Hop-a-Lot-Amus Beer Portrait

RIver Horse Hop-a-Lot-Amus Beer Portrait

Hey Everyone! This is my most recent Beer Portrait. Just finished it today.  It took me too long to paint it, so by the time I finished the portrait, it had sat overnight and half of the day today! I feel just awful that I had to waste the beer, but I feel pretty darn good about the resulting painting. U can find this in ART GALLERIES under the BEERS AND DRINKS link. This beer is made in a local brewery in Lambertville, NJ and has become my most favorite beer ever! Cheers!

RIver Horse Hop-a-Lot-Amus Beer Portrait

Lambertville Trading Company Interior

Lambertville Trading Company Interior

Just because I am not posting blogs as often as you or I’d like to, doesn’t mean I’m not painting!

I have been painting daily it’s just that I’ve been painting larger and the paintings take longer. This new one, just finished today was worth photographing at this point. However, I am toying with the idea of darkening up the interior of the coffee house. I don’t know that I ever feel a painting is done. There’s always things that I think could be improved, no matter what. But you just get to a point that you’re just tired of it and you don’t want to belabor it. That would negatively effect the work. I will say that I went out of my way to get a coffee today and it’s all due to this painting! Guess I should start another beer portrait soon since it’s the weekend! So here it is, finished or not:

Lambertville Trading Company Interior

Bridge Street, Lambertville, NJ – # 3 in the Series

Due to illness, Easter and running around promoting my work, it’s been a while since I posted anything. Oh yeah, and the fact that this painting is fairly large and detailed and took me a long time!!! I haven’t painted anything this large in a while and with this much detail and precision. I’ve never been a very patient person, so this was tedious for me, but I had a vision and had to follow it to the end. I’m glad I did. You can find this in ART GALLERIES in the LAMBERTVILLE link.

Bridge Street, Lambertville, NJ #3 in Series