The Stockton Inn Dining Room

This Dining Room is the second painting that I’ve done of The Stockton Inn. This wonderfully cozy dining room with cool murals on the walls, a beautifully inviting table setting, a stone fireplace, and wideplank floors really signals the customer to relax and stay a while. There are picturesque places to sit and eat inside and out. Now I’m longing to go there some day soon! I’ll try to resist the urge to get up from the table to explore and photograph some more scenes for future paintings. 

The Stockton Inn Dining Room

The Stockton Inn Bar

Last Thursday I was out taking a bunch of pictures of the local inns, their bars, exteriors, etc. and meeting a lot of cool people along the river towns. One such person that I met along my journey was Sandy, the bartender at The Stockton Inn, in Stockton, NJ. She was very accomodating in letting me take pictures, in fact when I asked her if she’d mind being in the picture for me (I always like to have people in my work when it fits) she got on her uniform and had the idea of posing with a bottle of wine and a wine glass! The result is a very welcoming person and scene for a painting. I also had a nice experience meeting Chris, who gave me a tour of the place and it’s artwork. This painting flowed for me like wine; I started it Thurs. afternoon, some of Friday and finished it up about 20 mins. ago. The paint went on thickly and gesturally, with confident brushstrokes. I didn’t think I’d get this done so quickly since I have so many subjects on my plate right now, but after meeting Sandy and Chris, I was totally motivated to begin this one before the others. These kind of positive interactions always make for a better painting. Thanks Sandy and Chris!!! This is in the bars and inns gallery.


The Stockton Inn Bar

Lambertville Overlook

This is a view from a large hill looking down at the warmly lit city of Lambertville. I’m looking at it from a cemetary, actually. Not to be morbid, but I do kind of like the relationship between the gravestones in the foreground and the town’s churches that rise up into the skyline. The steeples have such prominence and beauty and direct your eye to the town they are anchored to and the rolling clouds above. They truly are the connection between this world and the next. This painting reminds me of the people in my life, those that have gone before me and those who are still living. I enjoyed mixing a variety of greens in the trees and love the purple in the distant skyline. The variety of colors in the houses and buildings become pastel colors as they sit closer to the horizon. I knew from the start that I wanted to play with lovely colors and it was the reason I chose this subject material. But while I was creating it, it got me thinking about a whole lot more. This can be found in the Lambertville Gallery.


Lambertville Overlook

New Hope Guard House 2

This is the 2nd in a small series based on another painting that I did recently. The original New Hope Guard House is small, it’s 8″x10″. This one spans 16″x20″. I enjoyed painting the first one so much, so I just had to expand upon it by making a larger version. My joy comes through in each brushstroke in these pieces. The clouds are dancing across the sky and the town of New Hope is illuminated. The water below is restless. I painted completely by feeling and emotion. The day was actually rather overcast, and we’ve had so many of those lately, so I created my own light. I am longing for the summer sun. It can be found in my PLACES link soon, once I do a few more dance moves across the sky with my brush. Here’s a preview:

New Hope Guard House 2

Lambertville House and the Lambertville House Bar on Bridge Street

These paintings are of the beautiful Lambertville House. One an interior-another in my bar series, and the other-the exterior compliments my Lambertville Bridge Street series. Both paintings took a while. They are both fairly large and have a lot of detail. The Lambertville House is celebrating it’s 200th year this year! I love old buildings and it is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. The bartender was very accommodating and welcoming so I just had to include her in the picture!

I actually started the exterior scene a couple months ago and had to put it aside because it wasn’t all coming to me. Some paintings are just like that. I had to let it sit in the back of my mind (and off to the side of my studio) for a while to work out the problems I had encountered like composition, color emphasis, shadows and cloud formations and most importantly, Inspiration. Going into the building this week and meeting the people there and painting the bar scene rekindled that flame for me and propelled me to finish the piece. Whew- a long time coming!

Look for these in the Bars and Inns link, and the Lambertville link too.

Lambertville House Bar

Lambertville House, Bridge Street