Sally Goodman’s Antique Shop, New Hope, PA

I first met Sally Goodman, the owner of this antique shop pictured below, when we were shopping for antiques, naturally. But we began talking and I told her I was an artist. She told me that she sells local artist’s work and showed me the gallery portion connected to the antique shop just up the hill. I told her that I paint scenes of the area, New Hope and Lambertville mostly, and that caught her interest. Out of the goodness of her heart she said she’d like to help me and connect me to some local people who may be able to promote my work. Several meetings followed and she decided that she’d like me to meet with a very good friend of hers who just opened a gallery. There may be a potential solo show coming up soon where I may be showing as many as 40 paintings! Guess it’s going to be a busy summer!

Now, about this painting, I love the play of light and shadow in the foreground on the 200 year old stone building and lush foliage. The warm and cool tones dance in rhythm with one another. In the background up the hill is the continuation of the illuminated white picket fence that surrounds the gallery and antique shop. The light tones of the buildings in the distance give me a feeling of serenity. This painting can be found in the places gallery.


 Sally Goodman's Antique Shop