Lambertville Twilight

I just loved painting this piece with the way the sunset is casting one last gorgeous warm light over the church steeples and clouds and everything within it’s reach. The lights of the bridge, riverside and cars are luminous and their refections dance across the water and give the piece movement and energy. This is in the Lambertville gallery in the View My Paintings link.

Lambertville Twilight

Doylestown County Theater at Night


This is my first night street scene, or otherwise known as nocturne. I love the feel of this old fashioned theater, one of the last of it’s kind, glowing with light. It’s a flash from the past with it’s glorious sign being a beautiful and historical landmark in Doylestown, PA. The architecture of the surrounding buildings compliment it nicely. The lights illuminate the buildings and the blue and oranges throughout the painting play in contrast with one another making the painting vibrate and the buzz of the people below give it a sense of action and bring it to life. I can’t help but wonder if the couple in front are talking about the little black dress that’s hanging in the window. That’s one of my favorite parts of the painting. You can find this in the places gallery.
I plan on doing more night scenes soon, keep checking back on my progress.
Doylestown County Theater

New Hope Guard House #4

I don’t know why but I keep on painting scenes of the New Hope side of the river at Bridge Street. Maybe it’s the complimentary colors of the bridge and the Starbucks building. Maybe I’m just drawn to the idea of travel. Crossing bridges, going somewhere. Each painting I’ve done in this series is a departure from the one before. They keep getting more abstracted and have more of a feeling of letting go. There’s this balance I have to find when I paint between thinking and feeling. I can’t have a successful painting without having an equal part of both. The best paintings I’ve done have been created sometimes in an out of body/out of my head state. It’s where you just let go and sometimes something wonderful happens and you have to be careful not to edit it with too much scrutiny. That gets in the way of and often kills the creative process. This can be found in the Places gallery.

New Hope Guard House #4