Bar at the Stockton Inn, Stockton, NJ

Stockton Inn Bar

The Stockton Inn Bar has been revamped! They’ve added beautiful shelving displaying their wide selection of beverages. The lights glimmer off of the bottles and taps at this cozy and romantic bar.

This is on display and for sale at The Stockton Inn, in Stockton, NJ. They currently have my dining room scene for sale there also. For more info. go to the Bars and Inns link in the View My Paintings page.


A Walk Down Main Street

A Walk Down Main Street

Even though it’s winter, sunlight and warmth abound in this street scene. I chose lots of sunlit colors to capture the feel of a walk down main street of a parent and a child enjoying each other’s company and their stroll so much that the cold doesn’t bother them. You can find this in the Street Scenes link on the View My Paintings page.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Torpedo

It’s been a while since I’ve done a beer portrait, so it was about time. This night setting with the moonlight hitting the bottle and curvaceous tulip-shaped glass gives it a nice effect. These incredibly dreary winter days are really getting to me. Still lifes are a good solution when I have to stay in all day. This is in the Beers and Drinks Link in View My Paintings. Gotta go, I’m getting thirsty. 🙂

Sierra Nevada India Pale Ale Torpedo