My Entry for the Shad Fest Poster Auction

Shad Fest Poster, Downtown Lambertville, NJ

It’s been a tradition for over 30 years now, but this is my first year creating artwork for the Lambertville, NJ Shad Fest Poster Auction. It pays tribute to the Shad Fest with the sign hanging from the telephone pole- that’s my way of incorporating the theme into my iconic street scene, representative of my kind of work of late. I love painting street scenes of Lambertville with its vibrant signs and beautiful architecture. I infuse them with the energy of the city life, and the feeling of intrigue of what is in the distance with the use of perspective and light. The light in the distance represents hope for what lies ahead. I also enjoy painting rural scenes, landscapes, restaurants, inns, bars and beer portraits. The Shad Fest runs April 27th and 28th and the Poster Auction info. can be found at:

It’s a great cause and a great event. Enjoy!

You can the details in View My Artwork, in the Lambertville link, the first image in the gallery.