South Street, Philadelphia at Night

South Street, Philadelphia at Night

Just finished this painting of South Street, Philly. Now, the hardest part is writing about it. It’s much harder for me to type out the rhythm of the words than it is for me to move the paintbrush to describe what this makes me feel, but I’ll give it a shot. It was getting dark that evening and it had just rained making the light from the lampposts glisten and dance on the pavement. The glowing neon signs from the various shops caught my eye as well. There’s a certain nostalgia and yet a contemporary feeling I get when I look at it too. Maybe it’s because it’s a place I visited when I was a teenager and I hadn’t been back there in a long time until this past December. Or maybe it’s because of the mix of old and new shops and eateries. The lampposts dressed in wreaths also harken to a day of long ago but stand firmly among the energy of the city life. There’s so much more I could say about this painting, but I’ll leave the rest up to your interpretation. For more info. click on the View My Paintings link and then on my Night Scenes and Street Scenes galleries.

State Street Chill

State Street Chill Jean Childs Buzgo

Everyone I talk to feels like it’s just been a long, dreary winter. For me, it’s been hard to find inspiration lately. I’m in need of spring and all of the beautiful, colorful life it brings. But as I looked outside one morning about a week ago, the snow started to come down, and the trees and rooftops were getting a beautiful coating of snow. Full of promise, and hoping to capture this rare scene, I headed down to State Street in Newtown, only to find it quickly turned to this half rain, half snow wintry mix. So I decided to ditch my expectations and just immerse myself in the reality of what nature had given me and paint this chilly, wet scene. I translated this unexpected day into paint and although it wasn’t what I was planning on, I am pleased with all of the feeling the painting conveys.

This is in the View My Paintings link in the Street Scenes gallery.