State Street Chill

State Street Chill Jean Childs Buzgo

Everyone I talk to feels like it’s just been a long, dreary winter. For me, it’s been hard to find inspiration lately. I’m in need of spring and all of the beautiful, colorful life it brings. But as I looked outside one morning about a week ago, the snow started to come down, and the trees and rooftops were getting a beautiful coating of snow. Full of promise, and hoping to capture this rare scene, I headed down to State Street in Newtown, only to find it quickly turned to this half rain, half snow wintry mix. So I decided to ditch my expectations and just immerse myself in the reality of what nature had given me and paint this chilly, wet scene. I translated this unexpected day into paint and although it wasn’t what I was planning on, I am pleased with all of the feeling the painting conveys.

This is in the View My Paintings link in the Street Scenes gallery.