Prallsville Mills, Stockton, NJ

I have had several inquiries now about purchasing my painting “Prallsville Mills, Stockton” so I thought I’d give you some background info. about it. It is on display and for sale at The Lambertville House, or it can be purchased through my website. I have a history with the Mill, I’ve been in several juried shows there and was moved by it’s beauty and historical presence as an amazing landmark in Hunterdon County. It’s interior is preserved so well and captivated my children’s interest immediately. I could see there imaginations and curiosity being sparked. The exterior and enviroment there is so beautiful that I began this painting on site en plein air. It was a gorgeous day and it was tranquil and quiet and I was at peace while I worked there. I only needed to add a few finishing touches in the studio and it was done. It can be found in the “Places & Bridge/River Scenes” Gallery in the “View My Paintings” link.

Prallsville Mills, Stockton,