Lilly’s, Doylestown, PA

Lilly’s, Doylestown, PA

Walking around in Doylestown, PA one morning was truly inspiring. The sun was beaming and the architecture and colors of Lilly’s restaurant on this busy corner struck me. The awning jutted out over the door catching all that glorious light and the contrasting colored wreath and large whisk for a door pull were charming. What also captivated me were the people dining outside and the woman caringly cleaning the woodwork. Life was abounding but there was still a quiet serenity about it. I walked all over town, passing by many places to eat along my adventure and after I was done photographing, I realized that I had really worked up an appetite. Not knowing the town, I really didn’t know where to go. Something called me back toward Lilly’s. It was delicious. You can find this painting in the View My Paintings Link in the Street Scenes Gallery.

Lilly's, Doylestown, PA

An Early Evening Walk

After a bit of a hiatus from painting this summer- there’s just not enough focused time with my kids home from school- I am coming back full force! I’ve just completed the 3 paintings that I started at the beginning of summer. This painting captures the incredible backlighting as I looked toward a father and daughter walking down the streets of Frenchtown, NJ one early evening. As they walked toward the bridge, the setting sunlight created a halo effect around them, echoing the love they feel for one another. It backlit the tree and the resulting shadows cascaded onto the beautiful architecture of the buildings they strolled by. The windows reflected the trees and surrounding buildings. The window display in the distance became light and airy while the beautiful plants in the foreground shadow danced and displayed strength. I love the contrasting colors of the orange and blue storefront and the yellow light and purple shadows. It makes for a very dramatic effect that I am very happy with. The other 2 paintings are to be posted soon. Stay tuned.

An Early Evening Walk