Phillips’ Mill

I finally painted the beautiful Phillips’ Mill! I’ve been wanting to paint this scene for a long time, guess I had to figure out how I best wanted to portray it. Getting into the show this year also sparked my creativity and inspired me to capture it in paint. I have a new category of paintings with a link called Local Landmarks and you can find the details of this painting in there. Enjoy!

Kutztown Farm 2

My newest piece. Kutztown Farm 2. This and it’s predecessor can be found in the View My Paintings Farm Landscapes Link. It’s a much needed departure for me from the street scenes. I found myself painting a little differently from when I was doing a bunch of street scenes compared to these landscapes. It’s really cool for me to explore different subjects because I learn new things about the way I mix and apply the paint depending upon the scenery. Something in and outside of my mind takes over when I paint and even the way I approached painting this was different from any other painting I’ve done. I started with my favorite part, the tree over the farmhouse, and I completed it before starting anything else. It’s what drew me to the image, so I focused on it first. Even though I begin each painitng differently and feel my way through each one in a unique way, there are still signature little things that remain the same throughout all of my work, and you can tell it was done by me. I’ll leave those for you to discover.