Here’s my contribution to the Shad Fest Poster Auction. A night scene of Bridge St., Lambertville.

I was given the distinction of being 1 in only 20 artists to receive a large size board- not too shabby.
I painted directly onto the acid-free board filling a 16″ x 20″ paint area. Auction will take place on Sunday April, 27th at 3pm at The First Presbyterian Church, 31 N. Union St. Proceeds go to scholarships for students pursuing a collegiate career in the arts.
For more info. pls. visit:
ON A MORE PERSONAL “NOTE” I photographed this poster with a post-it note my daughter had written me and put on the poster when I wasn’t looking. You’ll probably have to click and look closely. How cool is that?! I know I must be doing something right! The poster is up for grabs, but I’m keeping the note 🙂