“Canal Path in Spring” 30” x 40”

“Canal Path in Spring” 30” x 40”

Just Sold this commissioned piece to a wonderful couple. They had seen my painting titled, “Canal Bridge Light” which is 18”x24”, but they wanted something larger to put over their sofa. They also wanted it to have more notes of spring as reminders of their many walks along the canal path so they asked me to use a camelback bridge, and put in daffodils and a family of Mallard ducks. I was delighted with all of these new challenges and excited to see how they would all come together. I found that I enjoyed painting larger, so much that I’ve since painted 2 larger scenes. “Canal in Fall” pictured in a previous post and a river night scene that is still in progress. Both are 24”x36”. I also found that the elements they requested were not only a challenge, but a joy for me to paint and really created a story within the painting. Their story. The best and most gratifying part was when we met and they were so happy with the finished painting. I have found the connections that are made through art to be one of the biggest driving forces that compels me to create. It is such a blessing to have people appreciate and share in your artistic vision. It was truly a pleasure and an honor for me to work on this piece and I’m so happy that it’s going to a good home.