The Boathouse Bar, Lambertville

The Boathouse BarSO EXCITED! I finally painted The Boathouse bar interior in Lambertville! I’ve been wanting to paint it for so long, and it was churning in the back of my mind for years and finally came to fruition yesterday, appropriately on Valentine’s Day. It has such an amazing feel and decor with the warm ambient lighting and all of the pictures and model boats hanging all around, top to bottom. But it’s extra special because of the great staff and the cool people we have met, not to mention that my husband and I used to work there! Well, he worked there as waiter and bar back for years while working on his degrees and paying off student loans, and I just bar backed a few times to earn some money to pay the mortgage. We also had one of our first dates there. So it’s special to me for many reasons, as I’m sure it’s special to many people for the memories that they’ve made and shared there.
“The Boathouse Bar” 9×12 Oil on Board

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