A collection of Landscapes, Streetscapes, Waterways, Still Lifes, and Nocturnes from 2016

Opening Receptions Sat. Nov. 5th 5-9 & Sun. Nov. 6th 1-4

at the Silverman Gallery, Buckingham, PA

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Show runs until Dec. 4th

Canal Tranquility
Canal Tranquility

Church Street Snowfall

“Church Street Snowfall” 24″ x 36″ Oil on Canvas
Church Street is in Lambertville, NJ where I find much inspiration, and I’m excited and hoping to brighten your Monday with this new painting. This painting just flowed for the most part. I needed a release from commission work where I have to get everything just right, and it felt so good to paint with big bold brushstrokes just going by feel and on Canvas! I rarely paint on canvas… now I’m gonna have to do more. I was out of boards so I grabbed a canvas that’s been sitting in my studio for probably 6 years, and I really enjoyed the way it responded to the paint. I think I’ll hang this over the mantle for a while to enjoy before bringing up to the gallery. Hope you enjoy it too. ‪#‎snowscenes‬ ‪#‎Lambertville‬ ‪#‎winter‬ ‪#‎christmasshopping‬ ‪#‎art‬‪#‎oilpainting‬

View from Bowman’s Tower

“View from Bowman’s Tower” 24″ x 36″ Oil on Board Available My daughter finally convinced me to take the long winding trek up the Bowman’s Tower stairs. There were over 100 steps (believe me she counted each one) and once we huffed our way up and got to the top the view was stunning. So glad she persuaded me to go and I dedicate this painting to her. Located in Washington’s Crossing Park, this hill may have been a lookout for George Washington and his troops to monitor enemy activity along the Delaware.

Hello world!

I’m Jean Childs Buzgo, full time artist, specifically, an oil painter. I created this blog to share my images that are for sale and to give commentary about them. To see my full selection of oil paintings for sale, please visit my website is This painting below is titled, “Hope” 18″x24″ Oil on Board. Bridges can represent travel, progress or a transition between 2 things. To me, they symbolize beauty, peace and most of all, hope. I hope you enjoy.